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NAYS-endorsed Background Check Vendor

Offering more than just background checks

I was just introduced to Protect Youth Sports as the endorsed criminal background check vendor of our insurance client, National Alliance for Protect Youth SportsYouth Sports (NAYS). The Protect Youth Sports website offers some unique features as well as training videos that we highly recommend.

A good track record counts for a lot, and Protect Youth Sports has established a very firm and reputable standing within the youth sports market for background screening. Benefiting from this proven history could not be any simpler, as more than 5,000 organizations have found out.

Some of the problems that youth sports leagues encounter with background checks are caused by low-quality instant checks and state-level-only background checks. These can lead to missed records, incomplete records, out-of-date records and inadequate protection from sexual predators.

Below are only some of the features Protect Youth Sports offers:

  • National re-verification includes comprehensive quality assurance and re-verification process for all records with a positive hit.
  • 50-state sex offender search using the National Criminal Database (over 400 mil­lion records) and free alias name search,
  • Free video safety training
  • No sign-up fees for qualified youth sports organizations
  • NAYS Discounts – up to 20% off on already discounted packages

Get started with Protect Youth Sports by requesting your free video course at or call (877) 319-5587.

Sports Insurance for Sexual Abuse and Molestation

Check if you’re covered under General Liability

Insurance carriers that write General Liability insurance for sports and recreation organizations take two approaches to covering lawsuits alleging sexual abuse and molestation.  Some carriers’ policy forms remain silent on the issue under the theory that it is covered if it is not excluded.  This is usually true, but some state case law may reach a contrary conclusion.  However, most policy forms provide an affirmative grant of coverage for sexual abuse and molestation through a special endorsement.

For example, many carriers provide an endorsement that provides sex abuse and molestation coverage in the amount of $1 million Each Occurrence and $1 million Aggregate.  Furthermore, the endorsement will usually include a laundry list of exclusions. An example of an exclusions would the perpetrator for remaining passive after an incident has come to the attention of management, etc.

Some policy forms may void sexual abuse and molestation coverage if the sports organization has not implemented a written procedure requiring a background check on all staff with access to youth. program or separately to each individual named insured, such as a league or club.  It’s obviously best if the Aggregate applies separately to each league or club.