Soccer Injuries and Deaths Due to Tipped Goals

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Soccer Goal Tipping Hazards

It shouldn’t happen, but it does

This won’t be the first time we post about a tragedy involving tipping soccer goals.  I hope it’s the last.

A 9-year-old boy died after a soccer goal post came crashing down on his head. The indoor soccer goal tipped after the boy jumped up and grabbed onto the crossbar.

Easily preventable tragedies

People find it hard to believe anyone could die or even be badly injured in a goal-tipping accident. But children playing on soccer goals results in at least one death and hundreds of injuries every year.

Never permit climbing or hanging on goals. Always anchor the goals be sure the posts are well-padded. Obviously, players and parents should always be informed of the potential risks associated with moveable soccer goals.

Click here to obtain a copy of the ASTM Guide for Safer Use of Movable Soccer Goals.

Source: Tina Moore, Daniel Prendergast and Khristina Narizhnaya. “‘His face turned blue’: 9-year-old boy dies while playing soccer.” 17 Sept. 2017.

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