SmartWaiver Offers Online Waiver Solutions

It’s easy and and can be customized

John Sadler Sports Liability releasehas always been a big believer in the importance of waiver/release agreements as well as electronic commerce. In the past, many sports and recreation organizations opted for online registration, but still administered their waiver/release agreements the Minor waiver formold-fashioned way with paper forms. This detracted from the convenience of online registration. Now, a company called SmartWaiver has created an online waiver/release solution that can allow sports organizations to complete the entire registration process, including waiver/release agreements, online. They’ve taken the effort to allow customization of the waiver/release form and to ensure that it’s admissible into evidence. For example, it’s important that minors and their parents sign the waiver/release agreement, and the system has the built-in flexibility to allow this.

SmartWaiver was recently interviewed by our client, Sportplex Operators and Developers Association (SODA), which we encourage you to read.

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