Reenactors Preserve History of America

In the wake of the Civil War Re-enactor being accidentally shot in the leg, several questions were asked about what exactly re-enactors do. According to Wikipedia the definition of a historical reenactment is a type of role play in which participants attempt to recreate some aspects of a historical event or period.  After seeing several reenactments in person and also seeing them online such as the video below of the Battle of Olustee in Olustee, FL, I can tell you that these individuals should be commended for the service that they are doing for the American people in order to preserve the history of our country. No history book can give you the image and detail that is given at these events. It isn’t simply men on the battle field, many have women in period dress and even children in the period dress playing instruments. If you haven’t seen one as of yet, search for one in your local area.

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