Child Predators in Youth Sports

Protecting kids is a group effort

Do parents who send their children to ball practice ever think that they might be handing them over to a sexual predator?  That’s probably the last thing that crosses their mind.  They assume that they can trust the people who will be in contact with their children, such as a coach, volunteer or administrator on a local youth sports league.

The predatSad soccer playeror’s thought process

It is the responsibility of the league administrators to do all in their power to protect these children.  It is unfortunate that not everyone is aware of the dangers that sexual predators pose or are how this battle to protect our children can be fought.  In September 1999, Sports Illustrated published the article “Every Parent’s Nightmare.” We’ve never come across such an in-depth, in-your-face report about this harsh reality. The article takes readers inside the heads of  the average sexual predator, and delves deep into the thought process of predators who found their victims on ballfields. Those highlighted in the story made a combined effort to say let readers know HOW they got the children and WHAT parents and other adults need to be on the lookout for.

Although there is no fool proof method to fully prevent sexual abuse and molestation, we can work together as a team to put safeguards in place.  In collaboration with attorneys, insurance underwriters and national risk managers, we have developed information to provide our youth sports league administrators, coaches and volunteers with the necessary tools for putting a risk management program in place.  The risk management section of our website provides a Child Abuse and Molestation Protection Program, Child Abuse and Molestation Handout for Parents, and specific information on conducting criminal background checks.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like any further information.