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Weighing the options of Premises Medical Expense Payments

Should your sports or recreation organization carry Premises Medical Expense Payments under your General Liability policy or not? The experts are divided on this issue.

The Premises Medical Expense Payments limit applies to situations where a spectator or other third party is injured due to a slip-and-fall or similar premises related accidents on premises owned by or rented to the sports organization. It also applies to other premises on which operations are being conducted. This coverage will pay ambulance, hospital, and doctor bills on behalf of the injured party, regardless of fault on the part of the sports or recreation organization. This is an attempt to dissuade the injured party from hiring an attorney. The limit of coverage is typically $5,000. If the medical bills exceed $5,000 and/or if a lawsuit is filed, the Each Occurrence limit would then be applicable.

It’s important to note that Premises Medical Expense Payments coverage does not apply to injury to Premises Medical Payments Coverageany sports participants since injuries arising from athletic activities are excluded. Athletic participants such as players, coaches, managers, etc. must look to a separate Accident insurance policy for similar coverage.

Some insurance carriers specializing in the sports niche believe that liberal use of the Premises Medical Expense Payments limit with small claims to prevent them from turning into larger claims due to attorney involvement. Other carriers have a different philosophy and prefer to take a hard line approach of denying any responsibility from the beginning. Such carriers exclude Premises Medical Expense Payments coverage from the policy.

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