Protecting youth athletes

Protecting Youth From Abuse/Molestation provides information and assistance to youth organizations

I recently spoke with Katherine Starr, the founder and president of, about her philosophy on how to better protect youth athletes against bullying, mental abuse, physical abuse, sexual harassment, and sexual abuse. Katherine offers a unique perspective as a former Olympic swimmer who endured sexual …

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2022 Insurance Program Released for American Youth Football

The gold standard that is the envy of the competition

The American Youth Football and American Youth Cheer endorsed insurance provider, Sadler Sports Insurance, released the new 2022 insurance program for teams /associations /conferences on May 6, 2022. Online enrollment will be available on May 6, 2022.

The 2022 program is, once again, the gold standard in …

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Updated: Amateur Sports and COVID-19: How To Return to Play

Updated 3/24/2021 – See blue font areas for recent updates. Returning visitors should always refresh the page to see the latest changes.

Applying Risk Management to Address Coronavirus Risk to Allow Your Organization to Re-Open and Return to Play

The coronavirus threat and the ultimate impact on society and the sports community is starting to come into focus with …

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Child Abuse in Youth Sports

Deterring Child Predators in Youth Sports

Protecting kids is a group effort

Do parents who send their children to ball practice ever think that they might be handing them over to a sexual predator?  That’s probably the last thing that crosses their mind.  They assume that they can trust the coaches, volunteers and league administrators who come in contact with their children..

The predator’s thought …

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American Youth Football and American Youth Cheer Insurance

The Gold Standard
The risky world of youth tackle and cheer

In the high risk world of youth tackle football, flag, & cheer, risk is everywhere in the form of concussions, spinal injuries, cheer stunts, sex abuse and molestation, lack of supervision, lack of instruction, premises problems, equipment problems, etc. In this world, administrators and staff (volunteer …

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Serial Child Molester Denied Parole

Safeguarding against other predators

This news hits close to home for me because the villain is from my home town of Columbia, SC, was league president over the youth baseball league in which I played as a child, was a client who purchased sports insurance from my agency, and ruined the lives of many people in …

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Penn State abuse scandal

Stricter Underwriting Guidelines for Colleges

Sandusky scandal prompts carriers to reassess policies

Due to the Penn State scandal over Sandusky and the incidents of sexual abuse/molestation, insurance carriers are now more apt to tighten underwriting and require more information from schools regarding their preventive measures.

“Insurers will require more data from colleges to find out what other programs they may offer. I think …

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Child Abuse in Youth Sports

A Reality Check for Youth Sports Administrators

Learn from the Paterno, Spanier, Curley and McQuery mistakes

This blog post isn’t specifically about the Penn State case and who was or wasn’t fired. Rather it’s a reality check for all involved with youth: no one is invincible. Joe Paterno, Graham Spanier, Tim Curley and Mike McQuery did not commit the physical crimes against children …

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Sex offenders in youth sports

Registered Sex Offenders and Youth Athletes

What if the sex offender is a parent or spectator?

Most national organizations require criminal background checks of coaches and in order to screen for sex offenders. Throughout our risk management materials you will find that even if it’s not requirement, these screenings are highly recommended.   But what should a league do when the registered sex offender is a …

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Youth Sports Misconduct Extends To Social Media

And includes cyberbullying

The excitement of a new school year brings enthusiasm for the beginning of many youth sports seasons. As competitions get underway, coaches, activity directors and athletic staff also may become aware of instances of bullying and cyberbullying.

Children’s sports team coaches and athletic staff may be surprised to learn that the fundamentals of sportsmanship …

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