Don’t Underprotect Your Sports Organization

Sports injury

Minimum medical limits for Sports Accident Insurance

An Accident Insurance policy covering sports and recreation organizations such as teams, leagues, camps, and recreation departments should have a medical limit of at least $25,000.

A limit less than $25,000 won’t adequately respond to a moderate to serious injury. For example, an ACL injury is a common injury in sports and the costs of surgery and rehab can easily exceed $25,000. An Accident policy with a limit of $5,000 or $10,000 will only protect against nickel-and-dime claims.

When Accident limits are not high enough to fully cover the medical bills, the sports organization and its administrators (officers and directors), employees, and volunteers will likely be shotgunned into a lawsuit as a deep pocket.

Disclaimer: The minimum recommended medical limits should be exceeded if higher limits are available and affordable.

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