Identifying Theft in Organized Sports

Crime insurance for sports organizations

An insider tells why you need Crime Insurance

One of our clients wrote a fantastic article on how to prevent insider theft in youth sports organizations. Unfortunately, this insight was gained from his first-hand experience and he now wishes that he had purchased crime insurance to go along with his Accident and General Liability coverages.

This article covers Corruption cartoonnew ground on the following topics:

  • Behavioral signs of those most likely to steal
  • Warning signs that theft may be occurring
  • Overall protections that should be implemented
  • Protecting againstĀ  concessions and gate receipts theft
  • Statistics on the mindset of the embezzler

To protect against the 10% who will steal no matter what, all sports organizations need Crime Insurance. We offer a $25,000 Sports Crime Insurance policy for $175 a year.

You can read the article in its entirety here.

Source: Anonymous
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