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It can prevent anglers from being banned

Fishing Liability Insurance could be just the thing that keeps anglers from being banned from their favorite fishing spot.  So says Ken Maurer in his report, “Anglers Get Railroaded, Often by Stupidity.” Apparently the parking area/access point to a popular fishing spot on the Susquehanna River known as “The Poor House” is owned by Norfolk Southern.  Norfolk Southern has begun cracking down on trespassers, requesting police enforce fines for people trespassing on the property.

Norfolk Southern haRiver Fishings a point because of the claims that they must see come across the risk management desk.  However, there are compromises that can be made.  My suggestion would be for a representative from the fishing clubs to approach Norfolk Southern about using the property.  The clubs should have insurance policies, and the standard liability limits are $1 million per occurrence with a $2 million aggregate. These aren’t expensive policies and Norfolk Southern can be added as an additional insured on the policy.  Club members could also be required to sign waivers that could be kept on file.   Such agreements are common among those using the property of others, especially corporate or government owned.

Such an arrangement would also protect the club itself in the event of a lawsuit. Frivolous lawsuits happen every day and it often isn’t until after something has happened that outdoor clubs realize that they need coverage.

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