Debate on Weight Limits in Youth Tackle Football

Youth football 3-point stance

I recently participated in a debate on weight limits in youth football at a conference sponsored by National Alliance For Youth Sports. During the debate, I supported the use of “unlimited” classes. My opponent, Tony Banks, an ex NFL quarterback, supported the use of “weighted” classes.

We each had a five minute opening statement and a chance for rebuttal. The floor was then opened up to comments and questions from some 250 recreation administrator attendees. The overwhelming number of comments from the attendees were in support of “unlimited” classes in youth football.

My main point was that the existing scientific evidence in a Mayo Clinic study indicates that age groupings and NOT weight groupings are the primary indicator of injury levels. Furthermore, “weighted” classes may actually result in increased risk levels for younger/heavier players moving up and for players trying to cut weight. If “unlimited” classes are not riskier than “weighted” classes,  the “unlimited” classes have many advantages to offer.

Click on link for: John Sadler Debate Script

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