Football Player’s Heat-Related Death

Heat Illness and youth sports

Could it have been prevented?

While the  death of 15-year-old, Max Gilpin in August 2008 was tragic, it could have likely been prevented. This particular case left many experts in the sports arena scratching their heads.  The experts at “From The Gym To The Jury” commented on this case in their latest edition stating, “In 19 years of reporting court cases involving injury or death at early season practices, this may be the first to result in criminal charges.” The coach, David Stinson, pleaded not guilty in the player’s death.

The most important thing to focus on here is PREVENTION. If you are remotely involved with a youth sports league, each of the coaches, assistant coaches, and volunteer staff need to be made aware of the information that we provide in Heat Illness: Avoidance and Prevention. By following these guidelines, you are helping to protect your athletes from heat illness and your coaches, assistant coaches, volunteers and league officials from being the target in a big-dollar lawsuit.

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