Coronary Artery Disease

Fitness Trainer Risk Mangement

Know who you’re training inside and out

Personal training can be a tricky trade when you are training a healthy client. Throw heart disease into the mix and your challenges rise, as does your increased liability.

Clients come to you for advice because you are the professional in this field.  Make it a point to learn about specific diseases and conditions that you discover about your client during your initial interview prior to putting them on a routine, working them out in the gym or providing other advice.  This is information not every client knows to share unless asked – and it’s information that is your responsibility to know.

Unfortunately, some instructors may assume that because they have purchased personal trainer liability insurance, they are protected from being sued. You need the proper coverage to protect you from the various risks to which you are exposed. Don’t think in terms of “if I’ll be sued,” but rather “when I’m sued.” Be sure to keep detailed documentation on all of your clients because you don’t know everything about the person hiring you as their trainer.

Just as important, make it a point to read informative articles and stay abreast of the constantly changing research and developments found at the American Heart Association.


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