MLB Catcher Concussion Rates Rising

Trend in 2013 season unknown

On any given day, there are between 60 and 75 catchers on major league rosters and about Baseball concussions15 percent of them have been on the disabled list specifically designed for concussions within the last 30 days.

Major League Baseball catchers are experiencing concussions at an alarming rate this season. At least one was caused by the accumulation of foul tips. I’m sure that MLB will be studying this trend carefully and develop suggestions to better protect catchers.

Our injury statistics for youth baseball Accident claims don’t indicate a frequency problem in this area. Since we started tracking injuries in 1994, about three tenths of one percent of total injuries involved catchers suffering concussions, and none were due to being hit in the mask by a foul tip.

Source: Aaron Gleeman, “Catchers are Suffering Concussions at an Alarming Rate,” 21 Aug. 2013.
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