High School Coach and Wife Suffer Fatal Electrical Injury

Risk Management in sports

Danger where and when you least expect it.

We read about a lot of tragedies occurring in our schools these days. Terrorism, gun violence, gang activity and more leave students, parents, faculty and staff bewildered and grieving.

Unfortunately, it was an act of kindness that led to two tragic deaths and left a community in grief.

Liberty County High School’s baseball coach and his wife were electrocuted as they attempted to install a new scoreboard.  Worse, their 14-year-old-son was also injured in the mishap. They were replacing the original baseball field scoreboard, which had been destroyed by Hurricane Michael in October, 2018.

The coach was lifting the equipment off a trailer using a boom lift, according to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department. The boom made contact with overhead power lines, causing the coach to be electrocuted. His wife and son both attempted to assist him, which resulted in her death. The son is expected to recover from his injuries.

This tragic accident reinforces the extreme caution that is required while working close to overhead power lines. Contact with the power line is not necessary as electricity can arch through the air up to 10 feet to ladders or tools under some circumstances.

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