Coach Abuse in Youth Sports

Coach abuse

It’s much broader than just sex abuse/molestation

Sex abuse and molestation by coaches tends to get the most attention in the media and cause a lot of outrage, but there are many other forms of coach abuse. Sports administrators and parents can protect youth by being aware of physical,, emotional, and/or verbal abuse, neglect, bullying, harassment, and hazing or initiation rituals. Such behaviors have resulted in many lawsuits against coaches and administrators.

A quality risk management plan that deal with sex abuse and molestation will also incorporate these other types of abuse. We offer many articles on abuse in youth sports, which we encourage you to read. Click on the link below for an excellent article that provides a full definition and examples of each of these types of abuse.

Source: “What Every Parent Should Know About Athlete Abuse: What Parents Can Do To Help Prevent Abuse,”