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Flash Flood Damaged Your Car?

What Do You Do Now?

It is apparent that the flash floods this year have devastated communities across the Midwest and the deep south.  Even areas like Northwest Florida that are used to having hurricanes, are feeling the sting like never before.

Pace, FL, April 29, 2014

Pace, FL, April 29, 2014

Pictures are flooding social media with devastation of cars at home or even that have been stranded on the road.  And the question………. “What do I do now?  What will my insurance cover?”

The Better Business Bureau has a great article that was posted a while ago that contains great tips.



Super Bowl Insurance and Risk Management

More at risk than the main event

Special sport events insuranceSuper Bowl fans are likely unaware of the risk exposures of the event and those extending far beyond the venue’s gates. Planning of an event the size and scope of a Super Bowl begins years in advance. The types of insurance policies typically needed for a Super Bowl-type of event are spread among multiple insurance carriers and include the following:

  • General Liability and Excess (limits may exceed $100 million)
  • Property
  • Media Liability
  • Event Cancellation
  • Weather Insurance

And there are Super Bowl exposures that require risk management controls:

  • The event itself, including field, stands, and surrounding parking lots for the normal exposures of slip/trip/fall, crowd management, and security
  • Preparation for potential terrorist attacks, including prevention and response
  • Halftime show with all the people on stage and fireworks
  • Pre-game airplane flyover
  • Adverse weather that prevents participant and ticketholder arrivals and departures, including postponement and cancellation contingency plans.
  • Surrounding activities such as pep rallies, parties, entertainment events, etc.
  • Collapse and other liability resulting from temporary event structures such as stages, bleachers, platforms, tents etc.
Source: Planners Tackle Super Bowl Risks, Rodd Zolkos, Business Insurance, January 30, 2012