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Remembering Debbie Edelmayer 1959-2022 – Sports Insurance Pioneer

It is with deepest regret that we announce the passing of Debbie Edelmayer.

If Sadler & Company had a Hall of Fame, Debbie would definitely be in it. She meant so much to Sadler & Company and to me personally with her service from 1977 to 2013. I don’t believe the company would have ever been as successful as it is without Debbie’s unique contributions.

Debbie started out as a front desk receptionist and advanced through the ranks to personal lines CSR, commercial lines CSR, and then to sports department manager. She was a corporate officer of Sadler & Co.

She was a tireless worker and a loyal and dedicated employee who loved her Sadler family and the clients and carriers that she served. In the early days of our sports insurance niche, she pioneered a number of innovative techniques that allowed us to handle the huge volume of small transactions in an efficient way. And if we ever had a problem with our workflow or staffing, Debbie knew exactly how to fix it. And if the fix didn’t work, she always had a plan B ready. She formed many deep personal relationships with our clients and they always appreciated the outstanding customer service that she provided. She was more than just a leader to her team, she was a mentor and set the foundation for all of those that would come after her. Her legacy will forever remain in Sadler Sports.

It was a pleasure working side by side with Debbie for so many years. I think many of us spent more time with Debbie at work than we did with our families at home.

We will always be grateful to Debbie for her contributions and what she has meant to each one of us.

To her children, Kathryn Swift & John Spigner, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We know how much you all meant to Debbie.

Here is the link to her obituary.

John Sadler


President of Sadler Quoted in “Rough Notes” Magazine

The April 2016 issue of Rough Notes magazine featured an article on the competitive market of amateur sports insurance. Rough Notes is a leading trade magazine for insurance agents that often turns to John Sadler for his insight into sports-related industry trends and issues.

With regard to insurance service and risk management in this segment of the insurance industry, Sadler was quoted saying, “For the third year in a row, the biggest issue of concern in amateur sports insurance is brain injury in the concussion-prone sports. While most carriers haven’t actually seen an influx of brain injury claims activity on the amateur side, they’re being cautious.”

Sadler is referring to the response to ongoing reports in the media of professional athletes diagnosed with CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) following their autopsies and researchers looking into the possible link of contact sports to CTE in living athletes.

“It’s feared that adverse media attention will negatively impact juries.The recent Pop Warner settlement has not helped in this regard; however, many recent court rulings in this area have been favorable to sports associations,” said Sadler.

Sadler was also asked  about rate increases, which he says are running in the range of 0 to 8% for accounts with good loss histories. “High-risk concussion sports are seeing slight rate increases and coverage reductions. Carriers want to limit their exposure on this still-difficult-to-quantify risk by excluding it altogether, lowering aggregates and/or including defense within limits, and they’re also requiring certain risk management controls as a pre-condition of binding.”

He also addressed the issue of risk that comes with the social element of sports and clubs, saying, “While most of these clubs do have policies in place to help cover potential injuries and to protect and defend against any potential lawsuits, there could be gaps. This is particularly true where a liquor liability exposure exists.”

The article in its entirety can be read here.

Source: Dave Willis, “Amateur Sports: Competitive Market, Emerging Risks.” Vol. 98, April 2016.

Frances Sadler Honored with Top SCISA Award for Scholar Athletes in SC

Frances SadlerHammond School senior Frances Sadler was presented the South Carolina Independent School Association Bill Simpson Award on May 22 by Athletic Director Mike Fanning.

The SCISA Bill Simpson Award is the highest honor bestowed each year on the top graduating male and female scholar athletes in the more than 100-member independent school system in South Carolina. The award exemplifies the academic and athletic ideals that Mr. Simpson represented throughout his career as SCISA athletic secretary. The award is based on a combination of SAT score, class rank, academic and athletic achievements, headmaster and coach recommendations, student service record and community service.

Sadler is an Honor Graduate, member of the Cum Laude Society, a Junior Marshall, and the recipient of the Joseph Walker-Sumpter Mills Clarke Scholar/Athlete Award. She played soccer and ran track for Hammond School. She was a starter on the varsity soccer team since the 8th grade and is thought to be the second-leading female goal scorer in Hammond school history. She has been named to the SCISA all-region, all-state, and all-star teams and the High School Sports Report All-star Soccer Team. She also participated with the Hammond Select Ensemble, was a volunteer coach with the Columbia Swim League, and raised over $28,000 for Hammond School through gift wrap sales.

Sadler plans on attending the Calhoun Honors College of Clemson University in the fall, majoring in engineering.

Congratulations, Frances Sadler!

Frances SadlerFrances Sadler was recently named to the South Carolina Independent Schools Association (SCISA) All State and High School Sports Report  All Star teams for the 2014 season. Frances is a forward for the Hammond School varsity soccer team and scored 27 goals during her junior season.

Good job, Frances!

Sadler Family Experiences Costly Sports Injury

Accident insurance makes all the difference.

My son, John Sadler, Jr., suffered a tibia/fibula fracture during his high school soccer team’s firJohn2st round playoff game in early May. He plays forward and was taking a shot when the goalie charged out and slid into hiupperlowers planted foot, snapping his leg through the shin guard.

I heard the loud pop from 50 yards away and was hoping it was the plastic shin guard doing its job but…. This injury was similar to the gruesome injury suffered by the basketball player, Kevin Ware, except that John’s bone thankfully did not penetrate the skin.

Orthopedic surgeon Jeffrey Guy repaired the break with an intramedullary nail (IM) procedure where a titanium rod is inserted from the knee down the inside of the tibia to the ankle and affixed with two stabilizing screws (see his actual x-rays). Click  here for a video animation of the surgery.

Dr. Guy is confident of a full recovery and return to play. The average return to activity time is a little over five months. At one and a half months post surgery, John is now walking with one crutch and actually participating in races in a summer swim league.

Here is a list of the medical bills so far, which have totaled $49,906 with a lot more to follow:

Ambulance:$554                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Anesthesiologist: $7,405
Medical Supplies: $11,801
Hospital Room & Board: $1,890
Drugs: $5,319
Operating Room: $1,453
Radiology: $2,668
Crutches/wheelchair: $369
Surgeon’s Fees: $14,833
Doctors Visits: $413
Physical Therapy: $1,407
Miscellaneous: $1,794

Fortunately, we have a fantastic group Health Insurance plan and have already met our family deductible for the year. But if we didn’t have insurance or if our insurance had a large deductible or coinsurance, it would definitely be a huge problem. This is why is it critical for sports organizations to carry a quality Excess Accident policy with a high limit of coverage.

– John Sadler

Frances Sadler Named to All-State Soccer Teams

HSSRWe are very proud of Frances for being named to all-state high school soccer teams.

Frances just graduated from the 10th grade and plays forward for Hammond School. She also plays for SC United 96 Girls Palmetto II team which won the state championship in its division.


Frances Sadler Gets Hat Trick

Frances SadlerFrances Sadler recently scored three goals and assisted in another for the Hammond School Varsity Girls Soccer team against Wilson High School. Frances is in the 10th grade and plays forward.

See the full article for details.

Source: The Columbia Star, April 19, 2013

Congratulations, Frances Sadler

SC United U16 Palmetto II Soccer team winds division championship

We are pleased to congratulate John Sadler’s oldest daughter Frances and the SC United SC United SoccerU16 Palmetto II Soccer team on their recent victory!! They won the state championship last weekend for the Presidents Medal Soccer League Division as the fifth seed going 4-0 in the tournament on Saturday and Sunday. Frances, who plays forward, scored two goals SC United 2012and had one assist in the tournament. Coach Chad Bridges did a fantastic job of getting the team to peak at the end of the season.

The Sadlers unexpectedly became a soccer family when soccer became the favorite sport of all three children, John Jr., Frances, and Heriot. John Sadler became a soccer coach by default for youngest daughter, Heriot, when no other volunteers were interested in the position. He has enjoyed it since.