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Sports Participation is a Privilege, Not a Right

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Fortunately for athletics administrators, while parents might like to believe otherwise, students do not have a constitutionally-protected right to participate in high school sports. In the vast majority of cases, the courts have found no legal right to participate in interscholastic athletics, even for athletes skilled enough to earn athletic scholarships. Participation in athletics, the courts have held, is a privilege only. Therefore, school and athletics administrators have every right to suspend or bar athletes from competing on teams for any number of reasons, including alcohol and drug use.

Source: Attorney John T. Wolohan, Athletic Business

Injured Shot Putter Assumed the Risks


Should a high school shot-putter who was injured by a shot thrown by his opponent be compensated because of his injury?  Apparently, the plaintiff had participated in numerous track meets and had thrown the same shot hundreds of times.  I fully agree with the courts in this case.  The participant assumed the risk by participating in the event and had experience and knowledge of the game to know he could get injured. There is no difference in this incident and that of a football player running off of the sidelines and hitting the players or cheerleaders on the side. The sideliners know that if they are standing there, someone may hit them.

Sports Officials Under Assault

Attacks on sports officials continue, despite efforts of national governing bodies and sports organizations to emphasize sportsmanship. Today, not only are officials at risk, but coaches have faced similar verbal and physical attacks by overzealous parents and players. The National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) published a Special Report: Officials Under Assault giving examples from all levels of sports and the steps that are being taken to prevent attacks on sports officials. If they do occur the assailant could be banned from sports, fined or even jailed.