Adventure Racing in South Carolina

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Challenge courses find plenty of enthusiasts

Adventure Racing is a new high-intensity endurance sport capturing the attention of thousands throughout South Carolina. Each race features a unique set of obstacles that are physically and mentally challenging. The Spartan Beast was held in October, 2012. Over 3,000 participants ran 13 miles with more than 25 obstacles, including mud crawls, fire jumping, and rope climbing. When the race ends scores posted are not just best times but completion statistics and injury reports. This made us wonder; why are so many flocking to this new sport?

Self-discovery, bragging rights, physical and mental battles faced and defeated and camaraderie are just a few of the reasons participants find adventure racing appealing. The race inspires participants by pushing them to complete seemingly impossible obstacles not found in their daily lives. New obstacles are around every corner of the race and the choice is left to the participant to take on the obstacle and finish the race or fail while giving a good effort.

The races are known not juAdventure racing in South Carolinast for being extremely challenging, but for their participant-friendly environment. Volunteers, friends, teammates and other competitors cheer each other on with encouragement and kindness. The race brings out the best in people. It also is a way for participants to bring out the best in themselves, raising self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-worth.

“Combining my love for rock climbing, hiking, and activities that maim, I have fallen in love with obstacle racing,” said Angie Yong, owner of Fit Columbia and a multi-adventure race participant. She even has her clients training for their first race, the Rugged Maniac in March, 2013 and Tougher Mudder in April, 2013.

To try adventure racing for yourself call 803-529-4075. You never know what you are capable of until your try.

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