Disagreement on proposed NFL concussion settlement

Players aren’t the only ones with issues at stake

Not everyone involved in the NFL’s proposed $765 million player concussion settlement is ready to sign the agreement. The proposal states that players were never made aware of the concussions risks of which the NFL had knowledge.

Players and families filing lawsuit argue the settlement …

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NFL concussions

Key Points of NFL Concussion Settlement

Tentative settlement doesn’t include Workers’ Compensation claims

The NFL reached a tentative settlement agreement of $765 million with some 18,000+ retired football players (whether they sued or not) who alleged that the NFL misled them about the hazards of concussions. Evidently, if approved, this settlement would not stop the current Workers’ Compensation claims that are ongoing. …

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John M. Sadler

President of Sadler Quoted in “Rough Notes” Magazine

The April 2016 issue of Rough Notes magazine featured an article on the competitive market of amateur sports insurance. Rough Notes is a leading trade magazine for insurance agents that often turns to John Sadler for his insight into sports-related industry trends and issues.

With regard to insurance service and risk management in this segment of …

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Concussions in youth sports

Are Concussions the Next Asbestos?

Insurers looking at long-term damage liability

The recent NFL concussion settlement (as well as prior media publicity over the past year) has spooked General Liability insurers about the potential for long term concussion damage liability.

One insurance broker specializing in the school district niche stated that concussions could be the next asbestos due to the potential …

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Youth tackle football

The End Of Youth Football?

Not so fast

The media has been practically salivating about a potential end of football. There’s no end to high profile articles outlining doomsday prophesies of the chain of events that could force the cancellation of football programs on every level due to lack of liability insurance (see Concussions and the Future of Football), connecting NFL …

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