Disagreement on proposed NFL concussion settlement

Players aren’t the only ones with issues at stake

Not everyone involved in the NFL’s proposed $765 million player concussion settlement is ready to sign the agreement. The proposal states that players were never made aware of the concussions risks of which the NFL had knowledge.

Players and families filing lawsuit argue the settlement …

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NFL concussions

Key Points of NFL Concussion Settlement

Tentative settlement doesn’t include Workers’ Compensation claims

The NFL reached a tentative settlement agreement of $765 million with some 18,000+ retired football players (whether they sued or not) who alleged that the NFL misled them about the hazards of concussions. Evidently, if approved, this settlement would not stop the current Workers’ Compensation claims that are ongoing. …

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NFL Concussion Lawsuit

NFL Strikes Back in Concussion Media War

Consultants’ research and motives questioned

Dr. Mitchell Berger of the NFL’s Head, Neck, and Spine Committee was interviewed by ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” and spoke out against Boston University researchers Robert Cantu and Chris Nowinski. Berger accused the the two self interest by trying to profit from the hype they created with studies linking football and …

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NFL concussions

NFL’s Defense in Concussion Lawsuits

Will NFL use Workers’ Compensation as an exclusive remedy?

More than 20 lawsuits name the NFL as a defendant alleging the league negligently misled hundreds of former players about the dangers of concussions and other head injuries.  The league’s official provider of helmets, Riddell Inc., is  a defendant in some of the suits.

The NFL will probably …

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Sports Anti-Violence Fist

Sports Anti-Violence Risk Management For Amateur Sports Associations

Violence incidents becoming increasingly common

Sports violence is on the rise and the public is being bombarded with accounts of violence between sports officials and spectators, coaches and spectators, and spectator on spectator. Sports officials are resigning in record numbers over actual or feared verbal and physical assaults. There are increasing accounts of gun violence in the stands …

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heart health amateur athletes

Athlete Study: No Connection Between COVID And Heart Issues

A recent athlete study published in the Circulation Journal of the American Heart Association in April of 2021 shows little evidence or direct connection to college athletes who have had Covid-19 and heart-related issues. Those findings suggest that once students recover from Covid-19, they can safely return to play without additional treatment or testing.

Why is …

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High School Contact Sports Not Connected to Brain Problems

To play or not to play?

Potential good news for those with brain injury concerns in contact sports. New research shows that any cognitive ailment present in youths who played contact sports was no more significant in those who did not play contact sports as they progressed into adulthood. The study conducted by the University of …

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service dogs in sports facilities

Dogs, Disabilities, and Discrimination at the Sports Facility

People with disabilities frequently use sports facilities

Disabled patrons use sports facilities and have the same rights to use them under the law as able-bodied patrons. But questions may arise from facility staff when a patron uses a service animal. Staff may have concerns over discrimination policies with regard to animals or if animals may pose …

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AYF general liability insurance

AYF Releases Tackle Injuries Report

Deciphering the statistics

American Youth Football (AYF) is the largest youth football organization in the U.S. and represents a wide cross section of participants aged 5 to 15.  Between 2005-2018, AYF’s endorsed insurance provider, Sadler Sports & Recreation Insurance, has collected information on 4,534 injuries.  Each injury was analyzed based on 20 different categories and data …

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Concussion detection

AYF Study: 2005-17 Concussion Trends in Youth Tackle Football

Provides perspective for impact of education, getting head out of tackle, and practice restrictions

The latest American Youth Football (AYF) study on concussion trends reveals that education of administrators, coaches, parents, and players is having a positive impact on the identification of and more aggressive response to concussions. On the other hand, popular initiatives to remove the head from …

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