Football helmets and concussion risks

New Football Helmet Standard Specific to Concussion Risk

Preventing sudden head rotation acceleration

The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment approved a revised football helmet standard requiring helmet testing for certain concussion-causing forces on June 20. This is the first helmet standard to include testing for concussion-specific forces.

The current standard requires helmets to pass tests involving multiple linear impacts delivered in various …

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Preventing sports concussions

Helmet design and concussion prevention

Latest research confirms design makes a difference

Reducing player concussions is a top priority in the world of football. Despite earlier blog postings citing doubts about the protective ability of advanced helmets, the latest research says advances in helmet design can make a huge impact on lowering the number of concussions for football players of …

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Football helmets and concussions

Advanced Football Helmets

Do they offer superior concussion protection?

According to a recent study conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics, advanced helmet technology and mouth guards don’t offer greater concussion protection for high school football players than standard equipment that is older. The results are in contrast to claims that have been made by helmet and mouth guard …

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Add-on helmet products

Add-on Helmet Products

Should they be permitted in youth football leagues?

Many youth football teams and leagues are currently using or considering some new products on the market that will modify their existing football helmets with add-on enhancement devices. These include external soft covers such as The Guardian, Shockstrip, or ProCap, internal shock reducers and shock sensors to help …

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Football helmets and concussion risks

Football Helmet Add-on Products

Their use can trigger legal defenses

When an athlete suffers a serious head or neck injury, this or her attorney will likely sue the helmet manufacturer/distributor, add on product manufacturer/distributor, team/league, individual administrators, coaches, managers, trainers, and referees, and possibly the sanctioning body organization. Each will likely point the finger at the others and will plead …

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Guardian Cap Helmet

Soft Cover Football Helmet Add-ons

Liability issues result in add-ons being banned

The Colorado High School Activities Association ruled that the helmet shell called the  Guardian Cap can’t be worn in games and that schools may void protection from helmet manufacturers’ warranties if they allow the use of such helmet shells during practices. Approximately 15 high school and youth teams in Colorado …

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New Helmet Offers More Protection

Start-up company claims it outperforms the competition

New  football helmet manufacturer SG Helmets claims that recent laboratory impact testing indicates that its youth football helmet outperforms the leading industry competitor by a margin greater than 2 to 1. This is timely information since concussions are the leading concern in youth tackle football at the present time. …

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Riddell 360 helmet

New Football Helmet Warning Label

Riddell helmet warning is response to concussion concerns

A new warning label is being posted on the back of the new Riddell 360 football helmet that reads in part:

NO HELMET CAN PREVENT SERIOUS HEAD OR NECK INJURIES… Contact in football may result in CONCUSSION BRAIN INJURY which no helmet can prevent. Symptoms include: loss …

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Add-on helmet products

Shockstrip External Helmet Pads

Product intended to reduce micro traumatic brain injuries and concussions

Check out for complete information on this new product, including the testing results, coach, player, and parent testimonials, and information on concussions.  Test results include adhesive compatibility, friction coefficient analysis, drop testing, and linear impact testing.

Shockstrip is one of many newly-introduced products that claim to …

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Football helmet protection

New Football Helmet Technology

Looking to lower concussion risks

The growing public awareness of brain injury risks tied to football has resulted in  experimenting with the latest  helmet technology in attempts to make the game safer. The major U.S. helmet manufacturers and designers are testing new methods of cushioning blows to the head.

Examples of new technology include:

The Guardian cap   

Model …

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