Concussion in youth football

Mainstream Media Continues to Stir Pot on Youth Football Concussion Risks

It’s time to employ our critical thinking skills

Just prior to the Super Bowl, NBC released its recent survey results on parental concerns about high school football-related concussions. Just know that NBC made a calculated move in doing so. Apparently NBC found it necessary to stir the pot while all’s abuzz about football —  because there …

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Football practice

Youth Football Concussions During Practice

Results of study surprise many

In a prior blog on concussion rule changes, we stated that the new Pop Warner Football concussion rule to limit contact in practice would have a limited effect as only 28 percent of all youth football concussions occur in practice according to American Youth Football (AYF) injury statistics.

Now, a new study …

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Concussion detection

AYF Study: 2005-17 Concussion Trends in Youth Tackle Football

Provides perspective for impact of education, getting head out of tackle, and practice restrictions

The latest American Youth Football (AYF) study on concussion trends reveals that education of administrators, coaches, parents, and players is having a positive impact on the identification of and more aggressive response to concussions. On the other hand, popular initiatives to remove the head from …

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USAFB concussion report

Heads Up Football’s False Concussion Claims Exposed by New York Times

A recent article in the New York Times entitled “N.F.L.-Backed Youth Program Says It Reduced Concussions. The Data Disagrees” has exposed USA Football / Heads Up Football for publicizing misleading data and conclusions about the findings in the Datalys study. In their blogs, USAFB crowed about the effectiveness of the Heads Up Football program in …

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Concussions in Youth Football

The Truth About Concussion Risk Management in Youth Football

How to Plan a Youth Football Brain Injury Risk Management Program
Local associations must adopt and implement a concussion/brain injury management program to battle looming liability crisis.

For the past three years, Sadler Sports & Recreation Insurance has been urging our youth tackle football clients to implement comprehensive brain injury risk management programs to help to prevent …

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Concussions in youth tackle football

Youth Football Endorsed by Concussion Doctor

Risks of CTE are anecdotal, without evidence

Julian Bailes is is the brain researcher portrayed by actor Alec Baldwin in the movie Concussion. He works closely with Bennet Omalu, the forensic pathologist who it can be said started the war on concussions in football. But while the two partner to study traumatic brain injuries, they have …

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Concussion in youth football

Concussion Paranoia Trend in Youth Tackle Football on Decline

Many mainstream media outlets, bloggers and brain injury research groups have had a field day so far in reporting on the dangers of concussions and CTE and how youth tackle football is very dangerous. It seems as if many of them need for football to be very dangerous to further their interests. Generally, those …

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Youth tackle football injuries

Study: Physical Causes of Concussions in Youth Football

And potential for lowering the numbers

A new study by Sadler Sports Insurance and American Youth Football (AYF), the world’s largest youth football organization, reveals the actual physical cause of concussions in youth tackle football ages 5 to 15. The study included 2,231 Accident insurance claims filed over the years 2004 to 2013. During this time …

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Football helmets and concussion risks

New Football Helmet Standard Specific to Concussion Risk

Preventing sudden head rotation acceleration

The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment approved a revised football helmet standard requiring helmet testing for certain concussion-causing forces on June 20. This is the first helmet standard to include testing for concussion-specific forces.

The current standard requires helmets to pass tests involving multiple linear impacts delivered in various …

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Benefits of high school football

The Concussion Risk in High School Football

The science behind the statistics published an insightful blog post,  “The Fragile Teenage Brain: An In-depth Look at Concussions in High School Football.” The post explains why teenage brains are so susceptible to injury and provides a glimpse into exactly what happens inside the brain during a concussion. It also provides an excellent explanation of …

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