Professional Athlete Disability Insurance

High Limit Professional Athlete Insurance including Temporary Total Disability, Permanent Total Disability, and Accidental Death & Dismemberment for Individual Athletes and Teams, etc.

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  • Professional Athletes (and College Draft Choices) Loss of Future Earnings Insurance
    From the point of view of the professional athlete, a lifetime’s worth of income (perhaps millions of dollars) is compressed into an expected career that may only last for several years. An unexpected death, injury, accident, or illness can cut off this income stream at any moment resulting in a financial catastrophe to the athlete and his family. The athlete may be under a contract that guarantees his income for a certain period of time, but what happens when the contract term expires? The risks and dollars involved are just too big to roll the dice without insurance protection!
  • Teams With Professional Athletes Under Contract – Contract Completion Insurance
    From the point of view of the team, an unexpected death, injury, accident, or illness to a star athlete under contract can result in lost ticket sales and a guaranteed salary that must be paid to the injured athlete who can’t perform. A team can easily be strapped with Millions Of Dollars of financial losses at a time that these resources are most needed to pick up additional talent.


Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

Individual athletes or teams can purchase Accidental Death & Dismemberment. Teams face catastrophic travel risks as a single accident could potentially wipe out the entire team. AD&D can be purchased on the entire team or on specified individual players on the team.

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Temporary Total Disability (TDD)

Temporary Total Disability protects athletes or teams against the inability of a player to perform due to injury or illness for a short period of time such as a season.

When a team purchases this coverage on an athlete, athletes can be compensated even when they can’t play and the team will not suffer a financial drain. This can be an important incentive to the athlete.

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Permanent Total Disability (PTD)

Permanent Total Disability protects athletes or teams against career ending injuries or illnesses. Before benefits are payable, a doctor must certify that the injury or illness is career ending after a certain waiting period such as twelve months.

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Cost of Agents and Managers

Athletes who are away from the “public eye” while recovering from a disability need to keep their agents and managers busy in promoting the athlete’s value to potential recipients of their services. Insurance can be purchased to pay for the fees of such agents and managers for their continued promotion services.

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College Athletes to be Drafted

College athletes that are talented enough to be drafted have an economic interest that should be protected against unexpected injury. Such an injury, whether sustained in a college game, or in a game of pickup basketball, could jeopardize the future income potential of the athlete without this important coverage.

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Team Stop Loss

Many teams can’t afford to buy Temporary Total Disability insurance or Permanent Total Disability insurance on all of its players. Therefore, they may only buy these coverages on several key players while self insuring their exposure for the rest of the team. Other teams may self insure this exposure on all of their players. But, what happens if more uninsured players than expected suffer injuries that put them out of action? This could have a disastrous financial impact on any team that self insures this exposure.

Team Stop Loss coverage can be a solution to limit a team’s overall exposure to a reasonable level since it kicks in once a team’s out of pocket disability losses exceed a certain predetermined limit. The premium cost for Team Stop Loss coverage is much lower than purchasing first dollar disability insurance on each player and it can protect a team against financial disaster.

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Image Protection for Manfacturers of Products Endorsed by Athletes

Athletes are frequently celebrity spokespersons. However, just one mistake such as an arrest, politically incorrect statement, domestic issue with spouse, drug incident, etc. can destroy their positive image and marketability. You may incur costs to pull products off shelves; change packaging; discontinue print, radio, and TV advertising; or run apology advertising. All of these exposures are insurable.

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Contractual Bonus for Achieving Predetermined Goals

It is not uncommon for teams or sponsors to offer contract incentives in the form of large bonuses for athletes who exceed certain predetermined high level goals or statistical benchmarks. Insurance can be purchased to fund these bonuses in the event the athlete achieves the goal.

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Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion

Professional athletes can be targets for kidnap, ransom, and extortion because of their high net worth and celebrity status. A Kidnap, Ransom, And Extortion policy can provide financial resources and professional advice and assistance in dealing with these dangerous situations that require quick actions and decisions.

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Disability Market Tightens for Sports Superstars – August 2006 (HTML | Printable PDF)


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