Applications for Amateur Teams/Leagues Sports Insurance


1. INSTANT ONLINE APPLICATION: Click here to apply online and pay with your check in a totally secure environment or for instant issuance of your proof-of-coverage documents, . You can print your proof-of-coverage documents within seconds after making payment. The online application is quick and simple because it does all of the math for you. No more worrying about your application getting lost in the mail or your fax not being received.

2. MAIL OR FAX PRINT APPLICATIONS: For delayed issuance of your proof-of-coverage documents (up to 2 weeks via U.S. mail), simply mail or fax the printable applications from the link below. Even though your coverage can be effective immediately upon receipt of the applications and check at Sadler & Company, we can no longer fax back certificates of insurance on a rush basis. If you need immediate service, please apply online.

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  • Sports Interruption Insurance (AKA Registration Refund): Purchased by sports organization and built into registration fees to protect both the participants/parents and the sports organization. Parents receive  a pro rata refund of unused portion of registration fees in event a covered injury or sickness causes their child to miss part of or the remainder of the season. Rates are surprisingly affordable at 1% to 2% of registration fees for standard risk sports subject to a minimum premium of $500. Protects the organization from having to return registration fees and deal with hardship requests.




Please note that the computer you are using must have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or higher. If your computer does not have this program, you can click on the link below and download it for free.

We accept faxed checks . Click here for special instructions on how to fax a check.