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Sports insurance program for League Accident, General Liability, Directors & Officer Liability, Crime and Equipment.

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Coverages and rates are available for applications received between March 1, 2024 to February 28, 2025.

The commissions are 10% on the Medical Payments For Participants/General Liability, and 5% on the Optional Coverages.

Sexual Abuse & Molestation Coverage is available for purchase. Option 1 – $100,000 Defense Cost Reimbursement or Option 2 – $250,000 Occurrence / $1,000,000 Aggregate. If higher limits of coverage are required, please see other available options.

General Liability & Medical Expense

OPTION 1:  $1,000,000 General Liability with $25,000 Medical Payments
Rates Are Per Player Per Sport Per Year  ($300 Minimum Premium)

Class B Sports (Low Risk Brain Injury Sports)
Ages 12& Under Ages13- 15 Ages16-19 Ages 20 & Over
Baseball $6.59 $10.97 $17.50 $31.97
T-Ball $6.59 N/A N/A N/A
Disabled Sports $6.34 $7.58 $15.84 $21.35
Softball $6.23 $7.45 $17.50 $31.97
Air O Sport, Basketball, Body Building, Figure Skating, Racquetball, Ultimate Frisbee, Flag & touch football, team handball, Soap Box Derby, Team Handball, Tumbling, Zoneball $6.34 $7.58 $15.85 $21.35
Water Polo $7.77 $8.93 $10.78 Class A $3.57
Drill/Dance Team $6.76 $8.19 $17.78 N/A
Cricket/Curling/Squash $6.20 $9.98 $15.61 $28.08
Baton twirling, Badminton, Billiards, Bocce Ball, Bowling, Cornhole, Croquet, Cross Country Ski, Darts, Golf, Fencing, Fishing (On Shore), Frisbee, Horseshoes, Kickball, Lawn Bowls, Tennis, Track & Field, Pickleball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Walking, Motor Skills Development $6.04 $6.04 $6.04 $6.04
Volleyball, Archery, Arm Wrestling $6.41 $6.41 $6.41 $6.41
Umpire & referee associations for the above Low Risk Brain Injury Sports $9.21 $9.21 $9.21 $9.21
Class C Sports (High Risk Brain Injury Sports)
Ages 12& Under Ages13- 15 Ages16-19 Ages 20 & Over
Deck/floor/field/street hockey, Roller Hockey (quad) $7.09 $8.33 $16.60 $22.10
Cheerleading $7.51 $8.94 $18.53 N/A
Lacrosse, Water Hockey $8.52 $9.68 $11.53 Class A
Soccer $9.16 $10.50 $12.66 N/A
Tackle and Contact Football $24.95 $44.10 $58.91 N/A
Wrestling $18.65 $18.65 $18.65 Class A
Umpire & referee associations for the above High Risk Brain Injury Sports $9.96 $9.96 $9.96 $9.96

High Risk Brain Injury Sports have the option to exclude coverage for brain injuries in order to receive premium credits. In order to receive credits, you must contact Sadler & Company directly at

Class A Sports – $1,000,000 Commercial General Liability (CGL) Only – $3.57 per participant ($300 min. premium)  This application is not available online. Please print the paper application in order to submit.

The following sports are classified as Class A Sports:  Box Lacrosse; Broomball; Diving; Dodgeball; FLEX Football (age 20 & over); Gymnastics; Ice Hockey; In-line Hockey; Hurling; Inline Skating (speed); Judo; Karate; Lacrosse (age 20 & over); Martial Arts; Powerlifting (age 20 & over); Speed Skating (Ice); Ringette; Roller Hockey (inline); Tae Kwon Do; Takraw; Water Hockey (age 20 & over); Water Polo (age 20 & over); Weightlifting (age 20 & over); Wrestling (age 20 & over); Umpire/Referee Association for Class A Sports

Coverages and rates are available for applications received March 1, 2024 to February 28, 2025.

Please print the application for Coverage Description, Ineligible Activities and Exclusions

ALL APPLICANTS – A $15 RPG Fee is Required by the Carrier For All Applications. An RPG fee provides group purchasing power for similar risks resulting in potential advantageous coverage terms, competitive rates, risk management bulletins, and rewards for favorable group loss experience.

Directors & Officers Liability/Crime/Equipment

  • $1,000,000 Directors & Officers Liability $377 per governing board
  • $2,000,000 Directors & Officers Liability $497 per governing board
  • Equipment/Crime (subject to a minimum premium of $300)
    • Crime: $25,000 limit and a $500 deductible.
    • Equipment: Limit is based on the Replacement Cost Value of 100% of Organization Owned Equipment with a $500 deductible.

**Please Note: For those who have purchased stand-alone crime in the past, as of 3/1/2024, it is no longer offered as a separate policy. As a result, you will need to report at least $1000 worth of unscheduled miscellaneous equipment whether you want equipment coverage or not to meet the minimum policy requirements. A $300 minimum premium applies for the combined Crime/Equipment policy.  If you have over $1000 worth of equipment and contents, please increase your numbers accordingly. The rate for this is $.0153 (except in HI & NY) multiplied by the Total Replacement Value.

Click here for a detailed coverage description for all of the above policies