Abuse / Molestation Risk Management Program

Our sports organization has adopted and should implement the following risk management elements:

Criminal Background Checks

Criminal background checks should be run with a third-party vendor on all paid and volunteer staff with access to youth. Any background check that indicates that a potential staff member is unfit to work with youth should result in disqualification of such staff member. Prior to running background checks, the following steps* should be taken:

• All prospective staff to complete written application to include question about whether the applicant has ever been convicted of a crime involving physical violence/sex offenses, and a consent provision to run a background check.

• Determine disqualification criteria.

• Develop procedures to protect the confidentiality of records.

• Comply with all state and federal laws.

* (More information is available from background check vendor or Sadler Sports Insurance under Risk Management section of website.)

Warning Signs Of Abuse / Molestation

The following warning signs should be communicated to all paid and volunteer staff:

• Attitudes/behaviors expressed on the part of an adult that may be associated with inappropriate or abusive behavior (racist, poor sense of athlete development, raging temper, extremely controlling, jealous, hypersensitive, poor sexual boundaries, bullying, intimidating manner, unrealistic or inappropriate training practices and risks, etc.)

• Unexplained/unlikely explanation of injuries. • Extreme fear of a league volunteer; • Extreme low self-esteem, self worth

• A child’s attachment to a coach/staff to the point of isolation from others’ • A coach/staff with an interest beyond caring concerns, special interest in a child (time, gifts, attention, obsession, unrealistic expectations)

• A child’s desire to drop out without a clear explanation, or without one that makes sense

• A child that misses a lot of practices or games with suspicious explanations or excuses.

Policies To Protect Against

The following policies should be communicated to all paid and volunteer staff:

• Limit one on one contact between a single unrelated child and adult by use of buddy system where two adults are always present

• Prohibition of overnight sleepovers

• Touch is acceptable only if it is “respectful and appropriate”

• Inappropriate comments of a sexual nature and suggestive jokes are prohibited

• Take home/pick up of athletes by league personnel is strongly discouraged because of difficulty in limiting one-on-one contact

What Is Required In Event Of An Allegation

Appropriate league official and police should be immediately contacted. Police will handle investigation. Staff member should be immediately suspended or reassigned to alternative duties that don’t involve access to youth pending the outcome of the police investigation. League officials should not comment on the allegation or police investigation until it has been concluded.

Communication Of Information

The information in this risk management program should be communicated by pre season staff meeting and/or by distribution of this document to all paid and volunteer staff. Our sports organization has adopted this program and incorporated it into our written policies and procedures.

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