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Equipment Insurance for Sports & Recreation Organizations-Online Submission


The Equipment Insurance policy is available only to organizations having a current General Liability policy in force through Sadler & Company.   View Plan Description for Coverage details, What is covered and Examples of potentially covered lawsuits.

Please review the following as you will be asked to acknowledge during your online submission.  General Fraud Statement  Electronic Disclosure …

Equipment Insurance for Sports & Recreation Organizations


Sports and recreation organizations frequently own expensive equipment that is subject to damage and resulting financial loss. Such equipment may stay at one location or may be transported from one location to another.

Perils and Types of Equipment

Equipment insurance policies cover equipment that is owned or leased by the sports or recreation organization against perils such …

Equipment Insurance Claims Procedure


The Equipment Policy is for loss or damage to your equipment due to fire, theft, vandalism, or other specified caused (subject to actual policy terms and conditions). Claim payments are made on a replacement cost basis.


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Innovative sports equipment and safety regulations

Weeding through the hype

There’s an abundance of sports equipment manufacturers coming up with innovative products intended to make contact sports safer. The ongoing concern about concussions, particularly among youth athletes, is a focus and big money maker for many of these manufacturers.

As Eric Berman, an advertising and antitrust attorney, points out in a recent article, …

Crime and Equipment Policies for Sports Organizations

Some administrators who make the insurance purchasing decisions for sports organizations are confused over the difference between Crime Insurance and Equipment Insurance. They mistakenly believe that theft of equipment by outsiders or vandalism of equipment is a “crime” and as a result covered by a Crime Policy. This is not correct.

Maintaining Fitness Center Equipment

An ounce of prevention could be worth hundreds of thousands

Did you hear the one about the fellow lifting weights while using a large exercise ball to support his back? As he was pumping two 40-lb. dumbbells in this position, the exercise ball seam suddenly split, deflating the ball and sending the man crashing to the …

Property And Sports Equipment Insurance

Unique risk exposures require Commercial Property insurance

Most of the major exposures for sports and recreation organizations involve lawsuits and liability. However, sports and recreation organizations do have some unique property and equipment exposures which require the purchase of Commercial Property insurance.

Sports and recreation organizations commonly own the following types of property that should be covered …

Recertification and Reconditioning of Sports Equipment

A page on Riddell‘s website discusses their strict standards in the reconditioning and recertification process for sports uniforms and equipment.  This reconditioning process fights bacteria, viruses and mold, which reduces health risks.  Once the process is completed, a final inspection is made to recertify the equipment and uniforms according to the original manufacturing condition.  Watch the …