10 Reasons the Dizzy Dean Insurance Program Blows Away the Competition

The endorsed Dizzy Dean insurance program has many advantages versus local insurance agents or other sports insurance specialists:

  1. Single source for all your insurance policies: Accident, General Liability, Directors & Officers Liability, Crime, and Equipment.
  2. Buying power of group allows us to negotiate broad protection at lowest possible cost.
  3. High limits on Accident ($50,000) and General Liability ($2,000,000) to protect against serious claims.
  4. Custom coverage enhancements such as Sex Abuse & Molestation and Non-owned and Hired Auto Liability and elimination of dangerous coverage loopholes found in other programs such as Athletic Participants Exclusion, Volunteer vs Volunteer Exclusion, Punitive Damages Exclusion, Bleacher Collapse Exclusion, and Assault and Battery Exclusion.
  5. Instant online 24/7 quote/pay/print of coverage documents and certificates for field owners for your speed and convenience. We accept payment by online check or credit card.
  6. Self-issue certificates of insurance for new field owners 24/7.
  7. Best-in-industry risk management content and support to train your administrators and staff and to document your procedures to prevent injuries and lawsuits from becoming a claim.
  8. Meets Dizzy Dean rule book insurance requirements for tournament teams  (if you purchase Accident and General Liability on all regular season teams) so you will sail through credentials committee meetings. If you purchase your insurance from another source, it will be closely scrutinized and if it does not meet the minimum requirements, you may find yourself scrambling for coverage at the last minute and paying twice for your insurance.
  9. You participate in an important safety study since your Accident insurance claims data is captured in a reporting system. This information helps your national board to adopt rules and equipment to make the game safer.
  10. 98% rate our service staff as “awesome” for speed and effectiveness of response. Those who contact us by phone, email, or chat are logged into a ticketing system so that Sadler management can review the performance of our service staff. At the close of the service request, our prospects and clients rate our performance. Rating system results in internal competition to achieve highest grades.