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Maintain a safe workplace with a successful screening program

When recruiting employees and volunteers, you want as much information as possible to make smart decisions. IntelliCorp offers discounted rates on background checks and employment screening products, to help you mitigate risk and keep your organization safe.

IntelliCorp provides you with background checks at discounted rates to help you mitigate risk and keep your organization safe. As a Sadler insured, you can sign up to get IntelliCorp’s package of background check products starting at $12.95 per subject. Click HERE to learn more 



 Did you know, on average, every 43 hours a registered sex offender tries to obtain a volunteer or employment position at a nonprofit, according to LexisNexis statistics?

With our nonprofit screening services, you’ll gain immediate peace of mind knowing that your volunteers and employees are being well-screened using some of the most powerful and advanced background checks available, the same checks used by private businesses. You’ll also breathe easier with our low-cost nonprofit pricing—often more than 80 percent less than usual rates.

Combine these advantages with the best practice program guidance and innovative nonprofit research and support you’ll only get from LexisNexis, a trusted, proven industry partner to nonprofits for more than a decade, and you’ll understand why organizations ranging from national programs such as Little League Baseball and Boys and Girls Clubs of America to local, community-based groups all use our nonprofit background checks. Work with us and you’ll gain:

  • Exceptional depth and breadth of services

Access a comprehensive, market-leading selection of criminal background checks, verification and qualification services, motor vehicle record reports and much more.

  • In-depth reports

Leverage more than 20,000 sources of public and proprietary data for information on 20 percent more people than alternative sources—an additional 75 million individuals.  

  • Flexibility

Easily configure your account to meet your specific needs, including the ability to choose from pre-set screening packages that ensure the most in-depth data coverage, or individual a la carte searches, based on your needs.

  • Increased efficiency

Save time and money by replacing manual tasks with automated search technology and real-time online access.

  • Proven screening expertise

Keep your organization secure, efficient and compliant by using a trusted, leading screening provider with deep industry knowledge, proven experience and vast resources.

Contact us today! We would love to hear from you and share the many ways we can help your organization.

Your dedicated LexisNexis account manager is Erin Swedlow. Reach her at 310.374.3507 (office), 310.465.9011 (mobile) or

Click here for more information on LexisNexis.

The need for nonprofit volunteer groups to provide a safe environment to those they serve has led to develop the most comprehensive and cost effective volunteer / employee tracking system available to the nonprofit sector.

The Volunteer Tracking System (VTS). 

As a member of the family of companies, we bring over 12 years of success in commercial and government screening, a passion for accuracy and the only “3-day or their free” written guarantee to the nonprofit sector.

This unique system goes beyond typical background screening programs to provide valuable risk management related features at the local, regional or national levels including:

  • Denied parties system
    • Allows administrators to see individuals denied placement within the organization
    • Reduces duplication in conducting background screens on applicants who serve in multiple units or attempt to secure a position after denial
  • Adverse action tracking
    • Allows for monitoring of required adverse action notification process which can be handled by
  • Report Grading
    • Matches your applicants against your pre-determined criteria
      • Provides a Pass/Fail results notification
      • Shields sensitive data from administrators at the local level
  • Dispute resolution service
    • Allows applicants to dispute reported information directly with in the event that data is inaccurate or there is an issue regarding identity theft
  • Advanced Reporting
    • Eight levels of reporting included

Additionally, the VTS system offers a unique background check donation system that could save your association thousands of dollars per season (hundreds of thousands if a national association)!

As a benefit to your volunteers we provide each individual with a patent-pending certificate to use for:

  • Housing rental approval
  • College entrance or clinical placement approval
  • Employment interviews
  • Dating consideration
  • And more…………………..!

Please contact Art Ferreira at 1-800-300-1821 x133 or for details!

Click here for more information on              (

National Center For Safety Initiatives (The Center)

The National Center for Safety Initiatives (The Center) is the only company licensed by the National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) to interpret the results of background screening according to the NCYS’ Recommended Guidelines.

National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) membership represents more than 52-million boys and girls participating in organized youth sports.  Through the use of “NCYS Recommended Guidelines for Background Check Screening in Nonprofit Youth-Serving Organizations,” the youth-serving industry now has a comprehensive and practical standard to follow. There is no need for organizations to reinvent the wheel for policy, procedures, and best practices.

The Center is NOT another single vendor background screening company. Beware of look-alike programs. The Center will carry out the entire background screening process for you performing the check through two national databases, interpreting the results, and releasing you of the enormous burden of following federal law regarding identity privacy, data storage, and personal notification of individual volunteer disqualification, and more.

Volunteers and administrators in your organization will be best protected from the possible loss of personal or organizational assets due to costly litigation that can result from a lack of knowledge or resources. You will be available to concentrate on what you do best-youth sports programming and administration.  There is no need to train another staff person or rely on volunteers to handle this sensitive issue.  All of this translates to a reduced liability risk for you!  Costs range from $8-$20.

Need more information? Contact National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) at 772-781-1452; email:; website: Contact the trained staff of the National Center for Safety Initiatives (The Center) at 216-561-9700 or toll free at 866-833-7100; email:; website:

Click here for more information on The National Center For Safety Initiatives (The Center)     (

Southeastern Security Consultants, Inc. (SSCI)

Providing a comprehensive and affordable full service criminal background screening program to various organizations. These organizations include park and recreation agencies, churches, national youth sports governing bodies, employers and others desiring to protect their membership and organizations.  This flat fee background screening service includes a unique blend of local/national criminal history & sex offender searches with timely results and complimentary consultations.

How is the Check Done and What Information is Provided?

Our comprehensive background screening on each prospective individual includes the following:

Social Security Verification- This verifies the individuals name against the Social Security Number provided. This helps to eliminate the possibility of false names and/or information.Address Trace- This verifies the individuals current address and identifies previous addresses. This information is utilized to determine the jurisdiction in which the background screening is conducted.State or County “Smart Check” – A Statewide or Countywide (depending on the jurisdiction) criminal record check is preformed to capture all the misdemeanor and felony convictions in that jurisdiction. Utilizing the “Smart Check” the search is conducted in the jurisdiction with the longest and most current residency.Let’s Check America – Provides access through The National Background Directory ™ to criminal data from 47 states where more than 75 percent of the nation’s population lives (currently over 151 million records).Sex Offender Registry – Search of all 50 States repositories plus the District of Columbia for known sex offenders.Volunteer Profile – Your Organization will receive a Profile Report on each individual that submitted. This profile will include all relevant information related to the background screening process. If there is no criminal record found, this will be noted on the profile along with the jurisdiction that was searched. If conviction(s) are found, all details including charges, court disposition(s), and sentencing will be provided

Click here for more information on SSCI (

Bradley Screening

Official Dixie Baseball / Softball Vendor

Specifically designed for volunteer and non-profit organizations, this screening service provides a report that includes the following: criminal data information on the full name and/or alternate names used by the volunteer, dates at listed addresses, validity of the SSN provided, age/date of birth, and available phone information.

Bradley Screening has access to one of the largest private-sector criminal history databases in the nation.  We draw data from multiple criminal record sources in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  The report includes criminal data from criminal courts, state criminal record repositories, probation, prison parole and release files, sex offender registries and other government agencies, as well as additional criminal history data.

This report is meand to aid volunteer and non-profit organizations and agencies in determining whether prospective volunteers have a pattern of criminal behavior that would make it unwise for them to be working with children or other vulnerable populations.

For more information contact us:  1-866-412-0545 or (334)-272-3539 or Email:

Click here for more information on Bradley Screening               (



A good track record counts for a lot, and as you may know, Protect Youth Sports has established a very firm and reputable standing within the youth sports market for background screening.   Benefiting from this very much proven history could not be any simpler, as over 5,000 organizations have found before.

Many of the problems that youth sports leagues encounter with background checks are caused by low quality instant checks and state-level-only background checks. Instant checks and state-level-only checks lead to missed records, incomplete records, out-of-date records and inadequate protection from sexual predators.

New and Enhanced Techniques Included in the Latest Version of the “Re-Verified” National Background Check from Protect Youth Sports

“True” 50 State Sex Offender Search, National Criminal Database (over 400 mil­lion records), Free Alias Name Search, No False Positives or Incomplete Records, 100% Industry Compliance Guaranteed

·    Free Video Course – backgrounds checks and streamlining the screening process

·    No Signup Fees – when you are a qualified youth sports organization

·    NAYS Discounts – up to 20% off on already discounted packages

Nothing could be easier than getting started with Protect Youth Sports. Start by requesting your Free Video Course at or call (877) 319-5587.

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