Youth Soccer risk management

U.S. Soccer Federation Sets New Header Rules For Ages 13 & Under

Reducing exposure to head injuries in the youngest players

New safety regulations were announced by the United States Soccer Federation in an effort to reduce the number of head injuries. These include the specific policy that restricts players under age 10 from heading the ball and reducing headers during practice for players aged 11 to 13.

Establishment …

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Concussion in youth football

Concussion Paranoia Trend in Youth Tackle Football on Decline

Many mainstream media outlets, bloggers and brain injury research groups have had a field day so far in reporting on the dangers of concussions and CTE and how youth tackle football is very dangerous. It seems as if many of them need for football to be very dangerous to further their interests. Generally, those …

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Youth football safety standards

AAP Makes Safety Recommendations for Youth Tackle Football

American Academy of Pediatrics says no need to delay teaching of proper tackling techniques to younger age groups

The American Academy of Pediatrics is tackling the issue of safety in youth football with new recommendations published in this month’s issue of Pediatrics. The AAP statement is a result of research on football injuries, head and neck …

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Benefits of high school football

IL High School Assn. Concussion Class-action Lawsuit Dismissed

Judge uses head in rendering decision

An Illinois concussion class-action lawsuit, which is the first concussion class action against a state high school association, has been dismissed. The suit was filed by players against the Illinois High School Association. The judge ruled that IHSA has put policies in place to improve the safety of the game and …

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Health Club Insurance

Death in Fitness Club Steamroom

Ignored safety protocol ends in tragedy.

Businesses train their employees on opening and closing routines such as turning alarms on and off to closing out cash registers. There are security and safety reasons for these protocols. The death of a 24 Hour Fitness member is a tragic illustration of why it’s imperative that such routines be …

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Concussion detection

Immediate Sideline Detection of Concussion

Vision test is new tool for concussion detection

The estimated 4 million sports-related concussions that occur nationwide every year are getting lots of attention from the media and medical professionals. And it looks like scientists have come up with a simple and reliable test to quickly determine on the sidelines whether or not an athlete has …

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Zip line insurance

Zip Line Safety

Lowering the risk of aerial adventures

What was once a means to access forest canopies for ecological research is now a rapidly growing adventure experience offered in many forests, amusement parks and ski resorts across the country. Many forest zip line tours continue to encourage ecology awareness and appreciation, while others are primarily promoting them as …

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Fitness training in parks

Fitness Training on Public Property

L.A. cracking down on trainers without permits

The city of Los Angeles is proposing an ordinance that would require personal trainers using public parks and beaches to obtain permits. The law would also pertain to others who offer goods and services such as food vendors. Santa Monica passed a law that not only requires fitness trainers …

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Fitness trainer insurance

D.C. Set to Regulate Personal Trainers

So goes Washington, so goes the nation?

For years Washington, D.C. has had bragging rights as the nation’s fittest city, according to the American College of Sports Medicine. Is it possible that pending regulations could cause its ranking to drop?

The Board of Physical Therapy, a small group of D.C. regulators, is set to publish new standards …

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Skateboard injuries

Skateboarding Injuries

Why one city will be paying the price

Issues of liability at a skate park that isn’t even built yet are causing an uproar in the city of Niagara Falls. Apparently the agreement drawn up by former professional skateboarder Tony Hawk and park designer Aaron Spohn relieves them of any liability. The city’s mayor and community …

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