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Increase in High School Football Participation

Concussion education and laws helping to boost the numbers In previous posts we’ve discussed the impact media attention on concussions may have on the future of youth football.  Some people have gloomily predicted an end to the sport. However, after a five-year nationwide decline in high school football participation, an increase in 2013 has been […]

Rest Time for Youth Following a Concussion

How long is long enough? or too long? It’s now common knowledge that rest from school and other activities is the recommended protocol for young concussion patients. But the new question is how much rest is beneficial to the healing process. Some experts are saying that less is more. Doctors and scientists are divided in […]

Most Youth Sports Organizations Don’t Have 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status

Don’t assume yours does According to Kids Non Profits USA, 75 percent of all youth sports organizations qualify for Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3) status, but fail to apply for it as required by federal law. Unfortunately, many sports organizations have been under the mistaken belief for many years that they were tax exempt under federal […]

Concussion Awareness and Treatment on the Rise

Study finds concussion laws making a difference As we recently reported, diagnosis and treatment for concussion-related injuries in youth athletes have increased dramatically now that all 50 states and the District of Columbia have enacted concussion treatment regulations. Also boosting this increase is a much more heightened awareness due to ongoing media coverage of concussion […]

Crime and Equipment Policies for Sports Organizations

Some administrators who make the insurance purchasing decisions for sports organizations are confused over the difference between Crime Insurance and Equipment Insurance. They mistakenly believe that theft of equipment by outsiders or vandalism of equipment is a “crime” and as a result covered by a Crime Policy. This is not correct.

Sports Organization Management Concerns

Sanctioning/governing associations are responsible for wide range of insurance decisions The directors and officers of sports and recreation organizations are entrusted with making important decisions about the selection of insurance brokers, insurance carriers, policies to be carried, the quality of coverages within each policy, and risk management services that are needed. In larger sports organizations, these […]



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