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2015 American Youth Football & Cheer Insurance Program Released

The gold standard that is the envy of the competition The American Youth Football and American Youth Cheer endorsed insurance provider, Sadler Sports Insurance, has released the new 2015 insurance program for teams /associations /conferences.  Detailed 2015 coverage and rate information  is now available on our website Our online enrollment became operational on May 16, […]

Spotlight on Sports Disability Insurance

Lloyd’s of London claim denial based on applicant’s failure to disclose A former University of California football player’s landmark lawsuit against Lloyd’s of London is putting almost as much attention on sports disability insurance as the upcoming2015 NFL draft. The suit was filed by Marqise Lee, a former Trojan receiver who alleges Lloyd’s denied the […]

Innovative sports equipment and safety regulations

Weeding through the hype There’s an abundance of sports equipment manufacturers coming up with innovative products intended to make contact sports safer. The ongoing concern about concussions, particularly among youth athletes, is a focus and big money maker for many of these manufacturers. As Eric Berman, an advertising and antitrust attorney, points out in a […]

Attorneys Soliciting Concussed High School Football Players

A profile of the perfect client for attorneys We recently came across an article published by a law firm seeking to educate (and solicit) readers about high school football players filing lawsuits against their school after suffering a concussion. Here are the points that can trigger a successful lawsuit according to the law firm: Athlete […]

Football Leagues Ignoring Brain Injury Standards…

do so at their own peril If your youth tackle football league and its directors, officers, and coaches are sued as a result of a brain injury to a current or past participant, under what standard of care will you be judged? The law of negligence is based on four elements: Duty is owed to […]

Transfer the Risk of Loss to Others

Don’t bear the responsibility that belongs to others There are two common situations in which local sports organizations need to be careful to protect themselves from assuming the risk of loss (Ex: bodily injury to a spectator or player and property damage liability) that should fall upon the other party. These situations occur with field/facility […]



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